My interests lie in the process by which the behaviour of landscape changes as a result of what has happened elsewhere and at other times......A kind of spatial diffusion, and the correlation between spatial diffusion in nature and memory. Thus the painting becomes about the shape of memory.
I work in series, on several pieces at once, adding more in as some become closer to being resolved. This way, nothing is linear, and nothing is hierarchical. I incorporate perhaps a particular memory, or feeling around a memory, or a sense of story or event into the weave of the paint as I build up the layers, in a similar way that nature builds up layers in its relationship with humanity.

There seems to be little point in bringing memory into the present if its not going to be reimagined. Our insistence that we never learn from history and are forever doomed to repeat ourselves both personally and collectively is well documented. If we remember, then we must reimagine at the same time if we want to escape nostalgia and pain and move on from the past. From land that has been colonised by patriarchal white supremacists and binary ideology. Land must be reimagined. It must be set free. I want to create places where I can feel free to roam albeit in my imagination, as a way of surviving the loss of place stolen by a history I don't feel I have a place in. I look into the past, and I look at the land around me, I borrow what I need, and rearrange it.