A statement of unintentionality
A process.

The challenge of writing about my painting remains a constant one. Finding words that correspond to a vision often leaves me feeling disappointed because of its limitations which seems pointless as the paintings don't contain such limitations. However words, language, are an important part of my process. I thought that maybe I would just try and write a list of words and names instead of writing something that always seems too final. And then write a sentence or two containing some of those words. This is partly because I believe an artists statement needs to aid the making of the actual work, so that it makes sense and doesn't get lost in theory. It builds in the same way as the art practice itself. So I will begin by writing words which seem important.

Colour- texture- scale- terrain- space- presence- object- subject

The relationship between objective and subjective, making a kind of nowhere land, or gate to go through while staying perfectly grounded. The work is large scale while being small in size.

landscape- figure- pattern- nature- time- geography- galaxy- abstract- figurative -animal

The work is figurative even when its abstract, its sense of time reaches out in both direction while remaining still.

human- gender- eternal- boundaries -mind- body- female- non-binary -sensing- integration- condense- singular- vision -diversity

The works seeks to integrate all experience, to condense, to find a sense of singularity in diversity, to find a space where boundaries melt thus staying resistant to binary thinking.

weave- appearance- power- layers- earth- pigment- intensity- jewel -process- ritual- organic- paint excavation- conversation

objects or landscapes appear out of the weave of the paint, out of the layers applied to the panel or canvas, as if being excavated. This way I can remain slightly distanced, as if the image is coming from somewhere else. This way the sense of having a conversation is heightened, and making a painting begins to feel like a ritual while containing an element of surprise.

revelation- paradox- history- oil-sketch- pre-renaissance- future- time-travel cave- neurology- mind- map- communication- memory

Having a knowledge of the history of art and inverting it. The oil-sketch is done from memory of place and other landscape artists from throughout history. I am drawn to the oil sketch rather than a finished landscape.

fishing -modernism- surface- subconscious -grotto -mountains- quantum-physics- energy exchange- alchemy- vermillion- mercurial - source- echo

Everything on the surface refers to something deeper. Everything is exchangeable, momentary, magical and scientific. Everything comes from a source, everything echoes across infinite space and time.

multiplicity -resonate- spontaneity- gradual- bursts -unintentional- recognition- familiarity consciousness-

I work on many pieces at once so each one is made up of spontaneous gestures over and over again, so they are slowly made of speed. I keep working on them until i find an image I don't recognise, but is also immediately familiar. Painting is an exploration of consciousness, finding the moment where the inside resonates with the outside. A place between places, which links everything together.