The term Neo Romantic' is perhaps the closest description of my work, as the movement focussed on a personal and poetic vision of the landscape, and on the 'vulnerable human body,' at a time when war threatened to change everything forever. War seems never to be far away, and now we have the threat of climate change as well. My landscapes are a personal journey, through a land that I love, and my physical relationship to it. The textures, patterns and colour, primarily. Especially the natural ochres and umbers which are the ancient colours of the earth, and provide a sense of belonging, a vision of what it feels like to be actually present in it. The physicality of the presence of the tundra, and the energy it generates.

The landscape of the Welsh Black Mountains are particularly important to me. They feel like a kind of refuge rather than an awe inspiring presence. If there ever was a sense of the has been destroyed. Now the landscape which has created us, must be allowed to speak for itself.