Simple elements. Colour, texture......these things are so closely related.....change the texture of a surface you change the colour. Form and space, scale .....the difference between size and scale. A crucial difference.
Line and surface. One turns into the other, surfaces being made up of many lines....lines converging to make surfaces. These are the things that occupy me as a painter. Meaning can come and go. mostly its about presence, resonance, contemplation. sensuality........

Upcoming exhibitions

2023 10 Feb. 'Into Landscape', curated by Glen Ibbitson and Harriet Addyman
2023 March. 17th - April 29th 'Unity in Diversity'. Curated by Jacqueline Alkema for Concentric. West Wharf Gallery, Cardiff.
2023 'The Reading Group' curated by Dr. Frances Woodley and Chris Nurse. Oriel Canfas, Cardiff.
2023 Welsh Group show. Mid Wales Art Centre,
March 2024. Welsh Group. 'Where we are now', curated by Jaqueline Alkema